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​Following on from our introduction to Shenzhen and learning the 5 amazing facts about the city last week, here’s five exciting things to see and do in Shenzhen. Please have a read, and come visit us here one day!

Shenzhen Bay Park 

A must-visit place in Shenzhen, occupying 13 miles of coastline around Shenzhen bay. You can choose to walk, jog or cycle here. The Shenzhen Bay bridge connects Nanshan district of Shenzhen with Yuen Long District of Hong Kong, and it has a great breathtaking view of the sunrise and sunset. If you want to take a rest from the city and explore nature – this is the perfect place to go. There is also a bird natural preservation area to demonstrate the importance of protecting wildlife.


Sea World 

The name “Sea World” starts with the Minghua ferry. The ferry used to travel overseas and landed in Shekou in 1983. Nowadays, it has become a tourist area and it’s one of the most happening places in Shenzhen. You will find lots of delicious restaurants of Asian, Indian, Brazilian, Western cuisine etc., with so many bars around, and there is the water show every evening near the ferry. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Shenzhen, head to Sea World and have a coffee. You can enjoy the serene atmosphere with the breeze and live music.


Ping An International Finance Center 

Ping An International Finance Center (also known as Ping An IFC) is the highest building of Shenzhen (599 meters) located in the CBD of Futian district, containing a mixture of business and commercial areas. You can go to the top of this skyscraper to view the amazing skyline of Shenzhen. The building was commissioned by Ping An Insurance and designed by an American architecture firm, and symbolises how rapidly Shenzhen is developing. It’s a symbol of the modern Shenzhen, and there will certainly be more and more international companies setting up their offices in Shenzhen (just like us!).

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Da Mei Sha Beach 

Da Mei Sha Beach is located in Yantian district, on the east side of Shenzhen. Surrounded by mountains, this long sandy beach is famous for its beautiful sea views. It you want to travel to Hainan Island but think it’s a bit far, then just go to Da Mei Sha here in Shenzhen. You can enjoy swimming in the sea, relaxing on the beach, try some delicious seafood and much more. Many people stay overnight in Da Mei Sha as a staycation for the weekend. A perfect place to spend with a few friends!


OCT East 

A famous resort destination in Shenzhen, Yantian district. It is a large ecological resort with both oriental and western styles of architecture. It has three themed parks: Knight Valley, Tea Stream Valley, and Wind Valley, as well as the Buddhist statues at Huaxing Temple. There are some entertainment facilities and performances shown daily. You can take the train to travel through the park, enjoy the water park, peak highlands, wetland gardens, wind valley etc. The lake, forest and everything else is a great place and certainly not to be missed.


We are super excited to see how we can expand into new markets in this exciting area of China. Come and visit us in Shenzhen one day…we look forward to a successful future here!

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