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The Gravitas ecosystem is constantly growing and evolving as it feeds our vibrant culture. We come together through shared values, purpose and vision, in recognition of the key part each individual plays in our collective success. Our vibrant, inclusive and award-winning culture is our DNA and is why our staff decide to build long-term careers with us. 

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A GREAT culture

If culture is ‘the way we do things around here’ then at Gravitas the way we do things is ‘together’. Yes, we do have a hierarchical structure (and equal opportunities for career progression) and we value individuality, but we're also a strong community working collectively towards our vision and purpose. 

Our culture can be summarised by the acronym, GREAT. It stands for growth, rewards, environment, alliances, and talent. We are looking for staff that have a growth mindset, and who care about building positive and inclusive environments. We further enhance this culture by offering a number of incentives and rewards that inject fun and friendly competitiveness to keep us motivated. 

Through our focus on talent, we help to develop and enhance everyone’s personal and professional skills as their careers progress. 

And then though our focus on alliances, partnership and networking we create an inclusive and safe culture where we can all learn from each other.

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Reasons to join the Gravitas team

There are many reasons to join the Gravitas team from our GREAT culture, exciting benefits, and industry-leading reputation. Here are some of the key reasons our staff love working for Gravitas. 

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Our staff enjoy industry-leading L&D programmes, from trainee through to C suite. Each person is given award-winning training to assist fast-track promotions, along with a tailored development plan, that adapts as their career grows.

We believe career paths should be transparent and motivating to help employees develop and improve quickly. We also offer international opportunities for employees looking to move countries and while furthering their careers.

Led by our DEI committee, we have a variety of DEI programmes that provide education while celebrating the vibrant differences and varied backgrounds we all bring. All consultants receive DEI training to help them understand its importance to our culture and also to our clients & candidates. We also support a number of partnerships, including Programme One which addresses the underrepresentation of Black talent within recruitment.

Our values

Why our vision & purpose matter

Our vision and purpose were created by our own employees through an extensive consultation process. We believe that the vision & purpose of a company should be ingrained in everything we do, helping us to stand out as industry leaders with real meaning behind our words and actions.

Together we will help you achieve excellence and reach your full potential.

To create solutions to empower your ambitions.

How we bring our GREAT culture to life

Focusing on continuous improvement via a Growth Mindset. Constantly enhancing our emotional intelligence, knowledge, skills, markets, and relationships.
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Recognising, incentivising & celebrating success and excellence. Through diverse & inclusive events, prizes, holidays, and experiences; individually or together.
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Creating a positive, supportive, balanced, and fun workplace for all. Living our values and being accountable for our social, community and environmental impact.
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Building inclusive partnerships through; camaraderie, networking and collaboration. With our people, our candidates, and our clients.
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Spotting, developing & nurturing talent. Providing access to award-winning L&D, mentors, inspirational role models and talent mobility.
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Gravitas DEI committee

The Gravitas Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is a diverse set of people, passionate about this topic.

The aim of this committee is to improve DEI within Gravitas through positive action and reducing bias.

Also to act on our crucial role in promoting diversity as a recruiter by supporting our clients and providing clear advice on a diverse recruitment process and encourage allyship across all our networks.

I want to be part of the change that is happening around us. Being part of TA allows me to really show my passion for people and being part of the LGBTQ+ community has meant I want to ensure everyone can be recognised for their potential contribution.

Ryan Sullivan,
DEI Committee, Gravitas

Life at Gravitas

Gain insights into life at Gravitas through our blogs, news articles and videos. Covering all things Gravitas alongside useful information to help you decide if a recruitment career at Gravitas is the right thing for you.

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