Role: Associate Director in Talent Acquisition

Ryan joined Gravitas in 2015 straight from University as a recruitment consultant. He is incredibly proud to have become Gravitas’ first home grown Global TA manager within 6 years of being with the company, and growing a TA team across the UK and Asia to support Gravitas' growth plans. Other highlights include speaking at the Gravitas’ AGM 2019 about his journey in Gravitas.

In his role today as Global Talent Acquisition Manager he is responsible for all internal hiring and running the Global Talent Acquisition Team. This includes attracting candidates to come and work for Gravitas (from entry level and graduates, right up to headhunting experienced recruitment managers and directors who want to kick start their career with Gravitas), and managing the entire interview process right up to offer and onboarding stage. When Ryan isn’t socialising, travelling or exploring the London food scene, you’ll normally find him in the gym or pounding the pavements (on the rare occasion the great British weather allows it!). He is also a proud advocate for LGBTQ+ causes – from social clubs to charity fundraising.

Ryan finds recruitment unique in that it extends across nearly every industry imaginable. Recruiters can cover sectors from healthcare, engineering, technology, insurance, education and beyond – and because of this, recruiters can have a global outreach in being able to educate others and make an impact on society. Ryan believes that one of the biggest responsibilities of someone working in recruitment is the impact they can make on Diversity & Inclusion – educating candidates and clients about the advantages of having a diverse workforce can slowly start to benefit society and make the world a better place.

Ryan is proud to be apart of the DEI Committee:

Why am I passionate about DEI?

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I have always been around people from different backgrounds who could offer so much to different companies and different environments – but would be held back due to them being LGBTQ+. When I was just starting out and interviewing for numerous agencies it was obvious that people like me were few and far between (or if they were, then they struggled to be their authentic selves). As I’ve learnt more about DEI, I realised this was across the board – from race, disability, working parents and beyond. This fits perfectly with my role in Talent Acquisition – as my team are responsible for impacting DEI globally for Gravitas. DEI is not only the right thing to do morally, but the social benefits mean that everyone can benefit from DEI whether it be on an individual or cultural level.

What does it mean to me being a DEI Ambassador?

Being a DEI ambassador means ensuring DEI conversations are effectively making an impact, at every level and stage of someone’s career. Our aim revolves around opening doors for people from different backgrounds, who then grow internally and create a diverse and inclusive ecosystem. We realise we have a long way to go, and we want to make sure that these conversations continue every single day of the year and not just during an awareness month.

Why is DEI Important?

Recruitment is unique in that it can shape and change almost every industry across the globe (be it from a candidate-recruiter or a client-recruiter perspective). Recruiters have the power to educate and inform candidates and companies about what's going on and what they should be focusing on. 

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