Ryan Sullivan

​​I've been working at Gravitas since 2015 and am responsible for ensuring that we identify and hire the best people globally to ensure the best customer service and drive business growth.

For me, being a Gravitonian is about being world-class. Personally, from starting as a fresh graduate and seeing the company grow, evolve, and change before my eyes – I am constantly reminded that we are always looking improve every aspect Gravitas for the better of our candidates, clients and Gravitonian's.

From opening brand-new offices, starting new teams, providing customer satisfaction and our award-winning training programme, Gravitas has always strived to be a market leader and constantly evolve.

In my time here the two things that have remained constant: our commitment to investing in people and everyone living the Gravitas values.

My favourite Gravitas value is integrity as it encompasses everything that we do as a company from our clients, candidates, current Gravitonian's and future employees.

For me personally, integrity involves honesty and being totally transparent. Recruitment is about people: People with good moral principals have meaningful relationships based on openness, honesty, and mutual respect. All are essential within the recruitment industry (from relaying interview feedback, managing expectations and giving total clarity on any situation), and therefore by having integrity we are guaranteeing our own success. Integrity is also why Gravitas strives for constant improvement, as everyone is honest with how they have performed and is open to taking on feedback.