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We are all about a little friendly competition and sporting spirit at Gravitas, which is why we were delighted to enjoy a UK-wide sports afternoon at the parks local to our offices.  This event was an afternoon of summer fun with the aim of bringing our teams together after a long year of working from home, and launching The Gravitonian Games, a brand-new, Olympic-themed summer challenge for our Gravitonian’s.


In Manchester, the team took a trip to Heaton Park to soak up the sunshine and enjoyed a delicious lunch from Cheshire bakery Beigels before kicking off the afternoon with an Egg & Spoon Race. This staple of childhood sports was done with a twist through mini eggs and cones to be collected along the way, increasing the friendly rivalry and setting off the afternoon with a challenge.


Meanwhile over in Leeds, Rhythmic gymnastics kept our teams on their toes and showed that our Gravitonian’s aren’t just resourceful recruiters, but they also have some budding ballet stars among the ranks! 

Our London teams also enjoyed the sporting spirit at Gravitas in Victoria Park, facing off in running races and relays. Finally, all the teams across the UK wrapped up the sporting portion of the day with a riveting game of rounders.

Groups wrapped up the afternoon with sunbathing and other team games, enjoying an opportunity to relax with colleagues and feel refreshed and ready for the weekend. The sports afternoon was just one of the ways we reward the hard work our teams to do make Gravitas great, and was an energetic and exciting way to kick off the summer challenge. 


Want to find out more about The Gravitonian Games or our other team events? Keep an eye on our blog for updates along the way!

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