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As part of our ongoing commitment to championing diversity and equality in recruitment and our offices, we’re very proud to be a founding member of Programme One – an initiative developed by eight recruitment groups to remove inequality that ‘restricts and inhibits the engagement of Black talent in the recruitment sector’.

The members of Programme One came together in 2020 with shared values in mind and a goal to increase the number of Black recruiters by 500 each year, to combat systemic racism against people with Black heritage and deliver meaningful change.

What Else Do We Do To Support Diversity?

As well as being one of the founding members of Programme One, we also have a thriving Diversity and Inclusion committee. We want all of our Gravitonian’s to feel respected and have their opinions heard and our D&I Committee provides a positive discussion and strategy channel for all things Gender, Diversity and Inclusion. 

Our aim is to help open up conversations in our company, the industry and the wider community, about discrimination and bias to help increase equality in recruitment.   In order to do so, it’s important people have the confidence to talk about difficult topics without worrying about the best words to use. We have therefore put together a quick glossary of terms to help, we have included some of them below and will be sharing more in future posts.

Glossary Of Terms

Want to learn the terms to use around inequality, diversity and inclusion? 
Programme One has created a glossary of key words and phrases to bring people together and help conversations happen. 

Anti-racist: A person who identifies and challenges the values, structures and behaviours that support systemic racism.

Bias: Prejudice; an inclination or preference, especially one that interferes with impartial judgements.

Black: (There are a variety of definitions about what it means to be Black but for the purposes of Programme One we are using the following). People of Black or Black British African, Caribbean or other Black ethnicity including those or mixed or multi-ethnicity heritage which includes Black heritage.

(Implicit Bias): Deep-seated assumptions we make about people who are different than us without even realising it – this is usually called implicit bias or unconscious bias.

If you want to work in a friendly, inclusive environment, apply now or read our other blogs to find out more about life at Gravitas.