Two weeks ago our China Gravitonians were joined by their Hong Kong Colleague for a summer team-building event. Our Gravitonians decided to head to a traditional Thai massage SPA located in the central CBD area of the Futian district. As soon as they entered, the mysterious fragrances, soft lights and music calmed them down and prepared them all for some pampering! With a variety of different relaxation options to choose from; our Gravitonians decided to pick the “80 minutes aromatherapy essential oil foot massage” and couldn’t wait to have that Zen feeling!


They started by soaking their feet in basins filled with milk to soften the skin, followed by a soothing massage of our feet, legs and shoulders. By the time the treatment was finished, our Gravitonians felt relaxed, refreshed and ready to continue the fun with dinner at a Japanese restaurant.


As a team of food lovers, they are always excited to catch up with colleagues over a delicious meal, and we enjoyed a variety of dishes like Tokyo sukiyaki, Sunny sushi and Sashimi platters, as well as trying traditional Japanese wine.

During the dinner, our Gravitonians enjoyed laughing and chatting together as the perfect way to finish a fun day of team-building activities, forming friendships that extend outside of the office by working closely together and supporting each other to achieve excellence; which is of such importance that it is one of our core values.


As our Shenzhen team is still fairly new, having been the first office Gravitas established in mainland China – this day out was a great chance to celebrate this new expansion and grow their friendships further.

As well as expanding our global locations, we are always looking ahead at the future and continually welcoming exciting new Gravitonians to our teams.

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