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Developing your Recruitment Career with Gravitas’ L&D Programme

9 months ago by Gravitas Recruitment Group
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Learning and Development is an integral part of the Gravitas journey and has been at the core of Gravitas from the very start, enabling our consultants to have a fulfilling learning experience across their career.

After recently achieving award recognition with The Princess Royal Award for 2023, an award we are proud to have earned twice beforehand in 2017 and 2020, it’s clear to see that our L&D provides an unrivalled continuous learning journey.

But what makes our L&D programme so wonderful?

This article will explore the features of our L&D programme, including: 

  • Learning for all levels

  • Varied support

  • Continuous and innovative improvement

  • Promoting a culture of learning

Learning for all levels

Our L&D vision promises a tailored and continuous learning journey for everyone, enabling ongoing practical development and growth. We believe in career-long learning for all our consultants and leaders, from their induction training and onwards throughout their whole careers. 

Individuals are taken on a learning journey, receiving high-quality training at each level of their career to help develop their recruitment skills and knowledge. 

There are specific programmes consultants are enrolled on throughout their career:

  1. Aspire – when consultants join Gravitas, they are welcomed with an induction course, with insightful sessions across the fundamentals of the recruitment process. This induction is followed by further classroom training and one-to-one sessions to support our new starters’ first few months in the business.

  2. Realise – Senior training that goes further than simply advancing recruitment skills, including more personal learning such as what it means to be a senior role model and the importance of practicing a growth mindset.

  3. Elevate – Business strategy training. Not only will consultants be learning more about business strategy, but it'san important time for consultants to decide if they would like to choose a principal route or leadership route. Individuals will receive training personalised for their journey such as the fundamentals of leadership to prepare them for the next level of growth. 

  4. Inspire – Leadership training, including team development, inclusive management, change management and how to be a successful leader. 

Learning is not directly linked to promotion, although it is a factor. Training is more dependent on where a consultant’s skills are currently, and where they are looking to grow towards. This creates a more inclusive and inspiring learning environment.

Varied support

Our L&D team use different types of delivery to keep the learning journey engaging, while also acknowledging that consultants learn in different ways. Our four dimensions of learning include:

  1. Classroom learning – A collaborative discussion where consultants can share their experience and stories, while sharing advice as well as training on sales techniques & theory.

  2. Remote sessions – Shorter bitesize learning sessions, where consultants can connect and learn with others globally across our offices in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore. 

  3. Coaching– Personalised 1-to-1 sessions where consultants delve deeper into their individual knowledge and skills, and understand how they upskill through ratio analysis, live listening, and collaborative feedback.

  4. Learner-led learning (independent learning) - Consultants have access to our online L&D Learning Library, where everything that consultants learn or would like to improve is visible through online handbooks, videos, YouTube Links and articles. 

Continuous improvement and innovation 

Our team are always looking for new opportunities and ways to enhance the learning experience.

Naturally, the recruitment industry and the markets we recruit for are subject to change, with statistics showing that generally skillsets for jobs have changed by around 25% since 2015. By 2027, this number is expected to double. 

Therefore, our L&D team are passionate about being consistently aware, proactive and adaptive so they can encourage a culture of innovation.

There are various areas that our team considers when making changes to the programme:

  • Current changes in the market

  • New skills required for consultants to learn

  • Adapting training based on business needs

  • Research into new ways of learning technology, software and platforms

  • Regular reviews or feedback to seek out improvement

The aim is making sure that the learning journey consultants receive is as best as it can be, always working towards making the L&D programme better. 

Promoting a culture of learning 

Our L&D and leadership team have a fantastic relationship; the leadership team believe that L&D are an essential part of the Gravitas journey and are significant drivers of the L&D programme. On the other hand, L&D believe leadership play a part in the foundation of the programme. 

In this relationship, L&D learn from leaders with reliable experience and knowledge gained from their own journeys in recruitment. They then implement these useful skills and techniques into the programme, such as challenges they might have faced previously and advice on how to overcome them. Many of the learning library’s resources were created by the leadership team, such as our popular “Superpower” video series.

We are proud to have an established leadership team, with many who joined Gravitas at graduate level or who have been in the recruitment industry for a long time. Relatable and shared experiences are a key driver of learning, and every leader has different experiences to offer which both L&D and consultants have access to.

Furthermore, our leadership have all experienced training from L&D. This gives our teams a shared understanding, and helps managers train their team members. 

This valuable relationship promotes and creates a culture of learning. This culture has been key in the Gravitas business strategy and drives long-term success for all consultants in their own career journey. 

Are you ready to develop your career with Gravitas?

If you are looking for an organisation that embraces learning and development as a valuable asset to your career, explore our current internal vacancies or upload your CV here. We have vacancies at all levels of recruitment as well as non-sales roles to help boost and develop your career. 

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