David Cahill

​​For the first part of his career, David was part of the senior management team that took Liquid Personnel to an 8 figures trade sale within 10 years of launching. He was also responsible for growing a recruitment team to 30 people, with all of these managers having gone onto Director positions, which is something David is very proud of.

Following this success, David set up and ran ‘You are Home’ which generated over £7 million in 3 years.

David joined Gravitas in 2022, developing existing accounts and creating new opportunities for different areas of the business (with the support of the account management team). He is also tasked with identifying new accounts to work with and supporting the relevant teams to build partnerships.

David loves seeing and being part of the growth of Gravitas, after having joined the company in a period of exceptional growth, he is excited for what the future holds.

Outside of work David loves going to the gym and also hiking, - he balances this out by also trying to visit as many restaurants as possible!