Georgia Wilkinson

Georgia Wilkinson is a Talent Acquisition Consultant based in the London office.

She is proud to be apart of the DEI Committee:

Why am I passionate about DEI?

As a young woman in business, I am passionate about ensuring equal opportunities in the workplace for both men and women! Not only this, but as a Talent Acquisition Consultant for Gravitas I feel it is essential that our hiring is diverse and inclusive for people of all backgrounds/ethnicities/religions.

What does it mean to me being a DEI Ambassador?

For me, being a DEI ambassador is all about educating myself and learning about peoples’ different experiences to then positively reflect these differences through my hiring for Gravitas. I also see being a DEI ambassador as a chance to impact and educate others around me!

Why is it important for Gravitas to focus on DEI?

As a company, the more diverse we are means that more people will have more ideas and thoughts, which makes it more likely that we will find multiple avenues for success!