Kirsten Quarman

Kirsten has been in recruitment for over 28 years. She’s had an incredible career to date that includes building an $80 million revenue / $2million profit team in Canada, opening new markets, launching RPO’s and being heavily involved in building teams through mentoring, strategy building and culture.

Kirsten joined Gravitas in 2020, where she built the Actuarial & Insurance sector from scratch. Kirsten’s day-to-day role involves onboarding new clients, setting goals and objectives, business, and strategic planning, building the team, interviewing potential new Gravitonians and headhunting within the sector.

Kirsten is passionate about recruitment as whilst she recognises it is challenging, she finds the satisfaction she gets from helping someone secure their dream job is incredibly rewarding. She loves being able to connect the dots and seeing team members grow and progress. Additionally, she finds the insurance sector, which many won’t believe, extremely interesting.

Outside of work, Kirsten loves supporting and doing charitable events, walking her dogs, and pub lunches.