Lara Thomas

Lara started her recruitment career at Gravitas in 2019, her tenacity and natural skill meant she was promoted after just 18 months of being in the business. Lara currently works as a Senior Android consultant in her day-to-day role where she heads up the Android team and specialises in placing Android developers throughout the UK and Europe on a permanent basis.

Lara is passionate about working in the recruitment industry as she finds it presents new challenges each day, it’s also a role where she can help others succeed, both inside the office and those who she works with externally.

Outside of work, Lara enjoys seeing friends, going out for nice food, and also going home to the Midlands to see her family.

Lara is also proud to be part of the D&I committee at Gravitas:

Why am I passionate about DEI? For me personally, I have always been fortunate enough to thrive in the environments I’ve been in because they have been diverse and inclusive. I am a strong believer that diversity is a sign of a healthy environment, and definitely one where individuals can achieve their full potential if they are given the chance to do so.

What does it mean for me to be a DEI ambassador? I can be someone in the organisation who can really champion this and educate people who are just wanting to know more in general. It's also nice to know that I can be involved in a group at work that is not just purely recruitment focused but actually concentrates on topics that are affecting everybody, ensuring that these are spoken about and doing my bit in work to put things into action.

Why is DEI important? Aside from the fact that it promotes a healthy working environment that offers equal opportunities to everyone, it also important to spark innovation within the company. If we have a diverse workforce, it will promote this message of inclusivity, not only to us as employees but also our clients and people that we work with.