Mohammed Chaudhry

Mo is an Associate Director in Insurance, based in the Leeds Office.

He is also apart of the DEI Committee:

Why am I passionate about DEI?

I'm passionate about DEI as I have two daughters who will grow up coming from an ethnic minority background and I would not want them to face the challenges I've seen/heard around me over the last 12+ years during my career. Granted, DEI goes much further than ethnicity but my passion stems from this to ensure they have equal outcomes and don’t face discrimination in any form.

What does it mean to me being a DEI Ambassador?

To be an advocate of any/all initiatives and see them being implemented first-hand which will no doubt shape the future of the way we work to ensure we are inclusive, diverse and have a genuine belief for equity.

Why is DEI important?

This is two-fold in my opinion. Firstly, as the business grows it's important to have a framework in place to ensure we continue to be a business where employees feel like they have a voice and we can truly say we are a diverse and inclusive workplace. Secondly, this is an area that many of our clients are trying to navigate their way around simultaneously so, the more we can offer to support, the better our relationships become. Our success has a direct correlation to the strength of our relationships so it's important we continue to be at the forefront from both an internal and external perspective.