Neil Cooper

Neil started in recruitment in 2002, he’s had a wide and varied career to date which has included recruiting teachers in Japan and travelling and working in places like Dubai and Singapore working with great L&D teams and designing new learning programmes at all levels.

Having joined Gravitas in 2019, Neil played a key role in navigating the L&D function through Covid and also supporting the rollout of the new CRM.

In his day-to-day role as Group Learning & Development Manager, Neil manages a team of L&D consultants and works closely with senior stakeholders in the business to analyse development leads and build solutions, as well as delivering leadership training.

Neil is passionate about recruitment as he believes it’s one of the only jobs in which the work you put in directly influences your success - his team’s job is to help Gravitonians achieve whatever success looks like for them

Neil has two young children, who take up the majority of his time! Other than that he is alwayshappy to have a chat about the fortunes of West Ham United, or about whichever big budget action film he’s watched recently!