Role: Group L&D Associate Director

As L&D Manager I see my (and my team’s) role as supporting and developing our team throughout their journey in the business, from their induction all the way to their leadership development.

My key takeaways of Gravitas are that as a business, we’re great at hiring great people and being a Gravitonian is about enjoying working with those people every day. In a fast-moving environment like ours, the work is often challenging but it’s also always rewarding, I would say the hardest thing is finding the time to fit everything in! 

For me the value that sets us apart is Passion. In Learning & Development it’s relatively straightforward to train someone in a skill if the right attitude is there, and we are lucky to be able to support some of the most driven people in recruitment. The passion in the office comes across in team meetings, is obvious when our teams have a job to work, and of course when we celebrate our success!

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