Nicole Rankin

Nicole started her journey at Gravitas back in October 2020, where she joined the Client Solutions team in the Manchester office. However at end of 2022, she decided to take a plunge and try something different where she moved to the marketing team as a Content & Communications Assistant to support on Gravitas' exciting campaigns, incentives, social media as well as driving DEI initiatives at Gravitas.

Outside of work, Nicole enjoys spending time with friends either going for casual drinks or doing game nights. She’s also a big family person and has just started taking her dad to the driving range. In her spare time, Nicole is also a big fan of cooking and loves to try new recipes!

Nicole is proud to be apart of the DEI committee:

Why am I passionate about DEI?

I have been learning about Diversity & Inclusion from when I first studied it in college, through to graduating from a Sociology Degree at the University of Manchester. Within my studies into Sociology, there is wide theoretical perspectives and research that delve into many areas of diversity such as race, gender, sexuality, disability and class. I have been able to gain excellent insight to widen my own understanding and awareness of these topics. On a personal level, I feel connected to particular topics around race and diversity through due to having a mixed-race background.

What does it mean to me to be a DEI Ambassador?

Being a DEI Ambassador is to represent positively the importance of DEI across Gravitas. Having a mixed race identity, as well as what I have previously learnt in my studies has given me more understanding to what issues can happen in the workplace.I’m keen to bring further awareness and educate others in being an ally across these issues and what they can do to be part of the positive change. 

Why is DEI important?

Gravitas promotes the values respect, integrity, passion and excellence. These values are applicable to our everyday work routines and practices, as we are always interacting with so many people. Ultimately, we need to keep an awareness around inclusivity when we do. We must make sure it is fair process for all internally and externally as part of our day-to-day service. Most importantly - this must come from a genuine mindset from all of staff.