Robert Snowden

Robert is a HR Officer based in the Leeds Office.

He is proud to be apart of the DEI Committee:

Why am I passionate about DEI?

I am passionate about DEI because I believe that it creates a fair work environment that everyone can thrive in. I believe that DEI enables employees with different backgrounds to collaborate on a daily basis, which delivers better quality and more varied results. We can also earn so much from each other and so having a varied workforce adds another layer of discovery and interest.

​Why is DEI important?

It’s important for Gravitas to focus on DEI as it expected nowadays and rightly so. One of our values at Gravitas is respect and so it is important for all employees to be heard and treated equally. Having such an open and respectful workplace also enables us to attract more talent and welcome them to the team as knowing you are working somewhere where respect is essential is a desirable quality for any job.