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Gravitas Talent Management Programme: How We Help You Elevate Your Career?

9 months ago by Gravitas Recruitment Group
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At Gravitas, we aim to help our Gravitonians to achieve excellence and reach their full potential. Our Talent Management Team is one of the most inspiring teams to support our Gravitonians to elevate their career into higher levels.

We interviewed our Talent Management Principal, Jennine Gibbs, to discuss:

  • The mission of Talent Management Team at Gravitas

  • Varied Talent Management Programmes

  • How Talent Management Programmes impact Gravitonians’ career?

The mission of Talent Management Team at Gravitas

With an aim to engage and motivate our Gravitonians, they are dedicated to increasing Gravitonians’ awareness of what can be achieved when changes happen in their career journey. Their aim it to help improve recruitment consultant and leadership performance so they can achieve outstanding results.

The team focuses on providing a tailored personal development support to those Gravitonians who are nominated by their team leaders. These could be those who are post- CDP (Consultant Development Programme), those who have just been promoted or are working on their next promotion, up to Director level.

Varied Talent Management Programmes

There are different programmes tailored to individuals’ needs, including but not limited to improving soft skills, enhancing their mental health in a fast-paced and competitive industry, and changing to a more efficient way of work.

To ensure privacy, the team communicates with our Gravitonians based on a range of one-on-one meetings, such as, career development reviews, mentorship programme, coaching sessions and initiatives that influence our culture and work environment such as DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

Here are some of the programmes we offer:

  • Mentorship Programme

This is designed for those junior consultants who have passed their CDP. Through the mentorship programme, they are paired with Team Leaders or Principal Consultants as mentors. This provides a great opportunity for them to build a valuable connection and learn from our experienced industry specialists.

  • Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme is provided to team leaders and above through both group sessions and one-on-one coaching. This is an opportunity for young leaders to enhance their communication skills, drive the win-win mindset and solve particular challenges they face within their teams.

  • DEI Initiatives

We create an inclusive environment that ensure all of our Gravitonians feel safe, respected and valued. At Gravitas, there are a range of DEI initiatives including DEI committees, DEI workshop and DEI glossary which help promote awareness of individuals from diverse background within Gravitas. Furthermore, it helps us to foster a culture of respect and equity by learning about unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, and other DEI topics.

  • One-on-one Coaching

The one-on-one coaching is set to create a private and safe room for our Gravitonians to talk about their concerns on personal or career development. Instead of work performance, these sessions focus on ensuring they felt valued and respected while working at Gravitas.

How Talent Management Programmes impact on Gravitonians’ career?

Through our Talent Management Programmes, we are able to help our Gravitonians to build skills, to continue learning and growing throughout their career with the following approaches:

  • Gain opportunities for further training and upskilling

  • Professional advice on career advancement and personal growth

  • Open and safe room to discuss their concerns and challenges

  • A diverse and inclusive culture

We are proud to see some of our Gravitonians have been upskilled and benefit from our Talent Management Programmes. Take a look at some of our employee’s feedback:

Zoe Strong, Business Systems Project Leader:

Over the past 4 months, I have been part of a Leadership Development programme that involved both group workshops and individual coaching sessions. We were told from the outset that it would be a rollercoaster journey, and that it was! As my first time participating in experiential learning, I learnt to expect the unexpected from group workshops, knowing that although I was out of my comfort zone, I was in the safe space within my learning zone.

As part of the Leadership Development programme, I have delved deep into my past to understand and be more conscious of my present and therefore make changes to impact my future. This has created areas of focus and actions in the form of different challenges that have really pushed my growth and development. I have felt the impact of overcoming each challenge both inside and outside of work. Although the initial programme draws to a close, I have the tools and knowledge to continue to push myself and my development.

Nicole Rankin, Marketing Communication & Content Assistant:

Launching My History My Heritage was a significant moment for Gravitas and the DEI Committee, and Jennine was the perfect person to host the first two sessions! Taking us through her Jamaican heritage, family, career and challenges - her sessions were really inspiring and meaningful.

Lara Thomas, Principal Android Specialist:

I know everyone has really enjoyed both training sessions and I personally found it very heart-warming and educational.

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