Time for Open Conversations & Change

The world is on a journey of education and change. It's time for us to not only open up conversations about change within society, but its paramount that we begin to action change within the walls of our workplace.

Gravitas is committed to take company action and ensuring that we are dedicated to not only creating an environment that encourages the celebration of different cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, ages, religions and abilities but also create a workplace that Gravitonian's can be proud of.

Not only do we want to create a truly inclusive and diverse environment, expose all of Gravitas to as much education and awareness on the topic of D&I as possible; we also want to ensure that it is reflective within our day-to-day work with our candidates and clients.

Watch our International Womens Day video on breaking the bias on gender equality....

Serious about Talent.


The Gravitas Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is a diverse set of people, passionate about this topic.

The aim of this committee is to improve Diversity, Equity & Inclusion within Gravitas through positive action and reducing bias.

Also to act on our crucial role in promoting diversity as a recruiter by supporting our clients and providing clear advice on a diverse recruitment process and encourage allyship across all our networks.

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Meet the DEI Committee

It's time for us to not only open up conversations about change within society, its paramount that we begin to action change within the walls of our workplace."

Rhona Williams, Gravitas D&I Committee Chair

Programme one.


​In partnership with other recruitment companies, Gravitas is a founder of Programme One, an initiative aiming to remove inequalities within recruitment and bring more black talent into the industry.


​By joining Programme One we are signing up to and are committed to delivering against four simple objectives....

Objective 1

​A commitment to embedding a Diversity, Inclusion and Respect Strategy.

  • Identifying and tackling unconscious bias

  • Create a consciously inclusive environment

  • Understand black contribution to culture and history

  • Demonstrate an understanding/awareness of race issues such as the Race Code and the D&I Charter

Objective 2

​A commitment to removing any barriers to hiring black recruiters...so we match black representation in local communities. Using the ONS estimates by ethnic group as a guide we can understand the representation of the Black and/or Black British African/Caribbean heritage in the location.

Objective 3

Access to a mentor for every black recruiter hired. Through the Aleto Foundation, each black recruiter we hire will have the option of an experienced recruitment mentor. The purpose is to create an environment of support for the person entering our business. We will also be putting forward at least 2 mentors who will mentor black recruiters from other recruitment businesses.​

Objective 4

​A commitment to widening our talent attraction methods and techniques. Programme One will also help us form a communication and attraction strategy to attract Black recruiters so we can develop a real understand of how to access wider talent pools.

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